Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lieberman vs Lamont

In this whole mess, the only 100% surefire loser is Alan Schlesinger. I think he ought to stop and campaign for Joe. Theres no way he can win and at this point having Lieberman in office is highly preferable to left-wing nutjob Lamont. I don't agree with Joe's social politics, but having a pro-defense vote in the senate may be important. Based on this I think it may be possible that other folks agree with me.

Mr. Lieberman also faces a Republican candidate, Alan Schlesinger, but on Monday President Bush’s spokesman refused to say that the White House was endorsing him, reinforcing concerns about his viability and suggesting that Mr. Lieberman could mine Republican votes.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all.


Matt said...

Left wing nut job because he wants to focus on national security here in our airports, nuclear plants, ports, water treatment facilities... our whole infrastructure here instead of wasting a half a trillion dollars on a never ending war. I know you disagree with that, but I don't say your a nut job for thinking the best defense is an aggressive offense. That's a perfectly reasonable thing to think. Are you a hypocrit? Because you always remind me when I make "ad hominem" attacks

k2aggie07 said...

Lamont isn't a left wing nut job for not wanting to be in Iraq. He's a left wing nut job because of the people he represents.

Lamont is a certain vote to kill all funding to the war, no matter what the consequences. That was Lamont's only issue.

There may actually be 41 Democrats in the Senate willing to go the Murtha route of yanking out our troops in a desperate attempt to force an American defeat in the Iraq War... just so they would be able to say to the American people, "See? We told you it was unwinnable! We told you it would be a catastrophe!"

Lamont is nothing but a front man for the KOS Kidz, about as rabidly a one-note song (Bush lied, people died) as you can find. For pete's sake, Markos Moulitsas “Screw Them” Zuniga was on one of his campaign videos. His victory speech was what might have been the first one in history to begin with a call for retreat!

Matt said...

Wait wait wait... I thought the Iraq War was a success! I mean, they have a democratically elected government, people are voting... right? When conservatives are questioned as to whether or not the Iraq War is a success, they point to these two examples. But when it comes to finally withdrawing our troops... screw that idea. We're building 14 PERMANENT bases there and constructing an embassy that is BIGGER THAN THE VATICAN. The plan all along was to occupy this country and never leave.

Iraq is a catastrophe NOW. Do you actually read the paper or do you only pay attention to the rosey picture that that broken record hannity repeats endlessly everyday? 3,400 people died in Iraq this last month, once again ANOTHER RECORD. These people are killing each other, and 80% of them want the U.S. out now because they believe it only creates more chaos. When do you suppose would be a good time to leave? What exactly would be the ideal conditions under which we could "declare victory"? You talk about this like it's some kind of game. THINK about it... how is it EVER going to be possible to end the terrorism in that country? After three and a half years, what have we done to stop the violence there? Absolutely nothing! Violence increases everyday. Is it really worth the lives of our young men and women and billions upon billions of dollars to "win"? (whatever that means)

Swallow your pride, stop being so damn nationalistic. Who cares if we technically "win" or "lose". What matters is the next logical step in our foreign policy. What will keep us safer than we are now? What can we do to convince people around the world that we aren't the arrogant, imperialistic, oil-hungry, shoot-first, ask questions later crowd that they all think we are now? (thanks to the neo-cons)

You think we need to "stay the course", "adapt to win"... I think we need to set up a timetable and redeploy gradually. Set up a police force OUTSIDE of Iraq that is able to respond to violent situations that might occur. Let these people figure out their own business in their new democratic government. Each theory is honorable... and you should treat each as such. A theory. You don't know which is going to work and which isn't so quit calling people who disagree with you "nut jobs".

k2aggie07 said...

Like I said, Lamont isn't a nutjob for wanting to leave Iraq. He's a nut job for the people he's endorsing (and endorsed by).

At any rate, having our troops in Iraq over the past month has been of inestimable value to Israel.

Having troops in the middle east is a HUGE stabilization factor.

Where do you want to redeploy to? If you quote Murtha and say Japan we're not friends any more.