Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Iran Offer Nothing But Fluff

Iran's latest offering to the table was nothing but a continued effort to stonewall:

Larijani refused to disclose whether the response included an offer to suspend uranium enrichment. But the semiofficial Fars news agency reported that Iran rejected calls to suspend "nuclear activities" - or uranium enrichment - and "instead has offered a new formula to resolve the issues through dialogue."
So...basically they're saying no to the core argument of the UNSC proposal. They're thumbing their nose at the west -- and they know it.

The Western incentives package has not been made public but some details have leaked. They include an offer to lift a ban on sales of Boeing passenger aircraft, providing Iran with some nuclear technology to build reactors for civilian purposes and guaranteeing a supply of nuclear fuel.

What this should tell you is that Iran has no intentions of enriching uranium for peaceful purposes. If you were shopping for a way to kill the vermin in your house and were trying to make mustard gas while the sales attendant was giving you rat poison for free, you'd be about where Iran is right now.