Monday, August 28, 2006

I Learned a New Word!

From Wikipedia:

Dirigisme (from the French) (in English also "dirigism" although per the OED both spellings are used) is an economic term designating an economy where the government exerts strong directive influence.

While the term has been applied occasionally to centrally planned economies, where the government effectively controls production and allocation of resources (in particular, to certain socialist economies where the national government owns the means of production), it originally had neither of these meanings when applied to France, and generally designates a mainly capitalist economy with a strong economic participation by government. Most modern economies are dirigiste to some degree – for instance, governmental action may be exercised through subsidizing research and developing new technologies, or through government procurement, especially military.

An excellent word. It will save me volumes when writing on the topic later.

Update: By request

dir`i`gisme´ (I'm guessing like dirigible, only with -ible replaced with -ism).


Anonymous said...

matt, please enter in how to pronounce the new words when you find them, thanks.