Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Google CEO wants $74 billion TV ad market

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is eyeing more than just the web these days:

Google is preparing to deliver “targeted measurable television ads” and Schmidt says Google has “a good shot at it.”

Schmidt expressed his enthusiasm for the $74 billion TV ad market at the Search Engine Strategies Conference earlier this month and described it as a big opportunity to provide greater value to advertisers.

Heh. I bet he would love to get his hands into that market. This, along with Google's introduction into the radio advertisement market takes a bit of wind out of the sails of Google's detractors, whos primary argument against the search giant is their lack of diversification. Seems to me Google is rapidly advancing away from being a one-trick pony.

I love how no one has any problem at all with someone from Google saying something like this:
“When you watch the television you see ads that are clearly not targeted for you.”