Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finances, Part One

This summer I've decided to become an astute financier. I've read a book or two, subscribed to Investor's Business Daily, set up a portfolio on Yahoo! and Google finances, and even picked a few stocks to start following.

How have I done so far? Ehh. I've made money on some, lost on others. Actually, I lost quite a bit initially (thanks, Hezbollah) but have recovered to even. Just for you random interest, my current picks are:

Boardwalk Pipeline (BWP). This small interstate pipeline company has high growth potential, as it has been compounding earnings year after year, has rising quarters of corporate sponsorship, high institutional support, and is earning well in a bearish market.

Corrections Corp. (CXW). These guys run prisons, high earnings, accelerating growth. And they run prisons. Private correctional facilities...did I mention they run prisons? I just think thats cool.

Holly Corp (HOC). Private refining company (that is to say, all downstream, no exploration). They stand to benefit less than other oil companies from high oil prices (as they have to buy oil on the open market) but benefit more from the lack of spare refining capacity. Again, accelerating growth, quarter-on-quarter profit advances, high potential for upward gains.

Right now would be a great time to be in a cash position though. The only reason I'm "in" right now (that is to say,I have my imaginary money riding on imaginary stock shares instead of in an imaginary money market account) is because I'm trying to learn.

ING has a great money market account -- 4.35% APY right now, no minimum balance, 6 withdrawls a month, all online, don't have to close out your current bank account, and no fees! Thats where my real money is.

Got stock thoughts? Random interjections? I'm open to learn.