Monday, August 28, 2006

Ed Has Good Ideas

Cap'n Ed reports on the UN asbestos "crisis":

Oh, wait ... he's talking about the building? Oh. I guess the rampant sexual abuse of refugees by UN peacekeepers and the endemic bribery and corruption in the organization pales in significance next to an asbestos problem.

Schumer also says the lack of sprinkers in the building makes the building dangerous to its occupants and the firefighters who would have to respond to an emergency at Turtle Bay. The solution seems obvious. Knock the building down, and then pledge to rebuild it in the same manner that the UN pledges to enforce its Security Council resolutions. Let the diplomats meet in tents until the organization shows some spine in dealing with a real danger, such as Iran or North Korea.

That's a solution that keeps our heroes at the NYFD safe and gives the UN the respect it deserves.

$1.9B is a lot of money...


3agsmom said...

I have a better idea ... let's just condemn the building and tell the UN to find another host country. We have wasted enough money on that spineless organization.