Sunday, August 27, 2006

Daily KOS Still Lacks Rationality

The Kwazy Kos Kidz once again prove that they lack all rational thought and clarity of perspective with regard to fundamentalism, putting them right alongside peers Jimmy Carter and Al-Qaida:

[T]he root of their objection is that they just hate it for unmarried people to have sex ... That, of course, puts them on the same wavelength as the Taliban and the rest of the Sharia-loving crowd -- and if there's one thing that makes these people angrier than women exercising control over their own bodies, it's being compared to a bunch of Muslims.

The similarities between fundamentalist Islamic Theocrat wanna-bees and the goals of some elements in the modern neoconservative voting base and cheerleading squad are both creepy and valid. And, even more disturbing, in both cases these movements rely a great deal on demonizing, or simply creating, enemies to use as distractions and rallying points. Glenn Greenwald guest blogging at FDL, has a nice Introduction & summary of John Dean's book, Conservatives Without Conscience that hits on right-wing paranoia:

What excites, enlivens, and drives Bush followers is the identification of the Enemy followed by swarming, rabid attacks on it. It is a movement devoted to the destruction of its enemies wherever they might be found. ... And it finds new ones, in every corner and seemingly on a daily basis, because it must. That is the food which sustains it..
The are a great many differences between Christian "fundamentalists" and Islamic fundamentalists. The fact that the relationship is even being attempted is insulting.

Christians have no problem with women "controlling their bodies". Its what they do to people's bodies that upsets us. Namely, murdering unborn innocents to suit their indolent, me-first lifestyle. There has never been an attempt to enshrine a Christian equivalent of Sharia Law anywhere in the world. In fact, the very tolerance of the existence of Islam (and sites like the Daily KOS) is a shining example of Christian acceptance. Christians don't like other folks having sex out of wedlock. In fact, we frown on it. However, there is a very long way between disapproval and hatred, as Islam shows.

To construct a small litmus test for hatred, let's answer one simple question: Are Christians willing to end lives over principle (i.e., do they demand singular adherence to their lifestyle)?

By corollary, does Islam?

The most recent cause of widespread Christian protest that comes to mind is The Last Temptation of Christ. However, there was no rioting, murder, burning of religious places, or looting to be found. By and large Christendom's ability to separate themselves from their own tenets on the grounds of righteous indignation seems quite mild when compared with that of Islam. For clarity - Islam = burning churches, murders, riots. Christianity = protest.

Finally, the fact that anyone at the DailyKOS can stand up and accuse someone of demonizing the enemy to rally others to their cause is laughable at best. Bushitler is a word that frequents their forums, invoking Godwin's Law almost before any discussion has begun. Indeed, without the rallying cry of "Bush Lied, People Died" the democratic party has been largely silent over the past three years. One must wonder at times where the democratic party would be without the irrational hatred and angst that continuously spews from their demagogues. To cite some easy examples, their latest attacks involve both cannibalism and disenfranchising poor folks -- embodied by Joe Lieberman and the latest "Anti-WalMart" party positions.


rightonq said...

Hi Logos. I found you through BigLizards the other day and couldn't stop reading your posts. Nice work.

I'm conservative, but the biggest problem I have with our voting bloc is the fringe religious right. Not mainstream Christians that don't even vote homogeneously, but the wacky ultra-conservative voices whose ideology is then assumed of the rest of us.

Oh, and I'm not white, I'm Swiss-Italian-American and don't you forget it!

BTW, I blog at even though I have a blogger account too.

k2aggie07 said...

There definitely needs to be a large gap between private religious convictions (i.e., what I do) and public moral convictions (that is, what the other guy does).

However, I have no problem with public figures confessing allegiance to religion. As far as I'm concerned, a reverence for a Higher Being is crucial to remaining humble; anyone who can look at the night sky and claim to be the top of the food chain isn't someone I'd trust in office.

I think the fringe groups are always going to try to push their views on others, from both sides. Don't let it sway you (I'd take votes from the KOS Kidz if it helped this country go in the right direction).

Thanks for chiming in, I need more traffic!