Friday, August 25, 2006

"The Da Vinci Code" + Stupid People

Stupid people who read The Da Vinci Code apparently lack the wherewithal to understand its "fictional" rating:

The Reverend Charmian Beech blamed a pair of 'Da Vinci Code-style' treasure hunters for causing thousands of pounds worth of damage as they searched for clues to help them find the Grail.

Since the book and movie have come out, the traffic at the St Luke's Church in the village of Hodnet, Shropshire has increased dramatically due to claims that the image of St. John in one of the stained glass windows is "really" Mary Magdalene.

A spokesman for the Diocese of Lichfield said: "The Da Vinci Code is fiction, and while it's a very exciting read it's wrong to use that as an excuse to vandalise a very ancient and important church."

Its amazing what power the printed word has over people.